Life Water Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what to expect at Life Water Camp? Look no further. Here are all the details you need in order to have a safe, fun, and faith-filled time at camp!

What does a day at camp look like?

MORNING: Breakfast, devotional time, group games, and some free time before lunch.
AFTERNOON: Lunch & free time (approx. 1:00-4:30pm) see our list of awesome activities here! (scroll to bottom of page)
EVENING: Dinner, evening message/small groups, snack/dessert, night games, and bedtime. 

What do students need for games & activities?

Students will need close-toed shoes for horse-back riding, high ropes course, and group games. Also needed are sandals or flip-flops for the waterfront and boating. Don't forget a water bottle and sunscreen!

What do I need to pack?

Sleeping bag, pillow, clothing, sweatshirt/jacket, closed-toed shoes, sandals, swimsuit (no bikinis or speedos), towel(s), toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray, flashlight, Bible, notebook, spending money (optional) for snack shack, and required medications.

What does the camp registration cost include?

Camp registration per student includes, but is not limited to: transportation to & from camp, all meals, lodging, activities, booklets, t-shirts, and more.

What should I leave at home?

Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, firearms, laptops, video games, iPads, headphones, and inappropriate clothing. We recommend that students leave things of high-value at home. Students are responsible if items are lost, damaged, or stolen.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Please leave the following at home: bikinis (no mid-riff showing), speedos, crop-tops, short shorts (no less than mid-thigh please), or low-rise shirts. Please keep in mind that we want to focus our mind on Christ-- let's not distract those around us.

How does safety play a part at camp?

From night patrol to a designated nurse, our biggest goal is to keep campers safe while having fun at camp! Staff & leadership are in constant communication throughout camp. We take your child's safety very seriously!

My student has medications... How do we bring them?

Yes! Bring your student's medications in the original bottles, placed in a Ziploc bag. A note with instructions would be helpful as well! Your youth pastor will bring all medication to the camp nurse, who will distribute medications & lock them up at night. 

What if my student needs to contact me?

If your student does not have a cellphone, they can ask their leader to borrow a phone for emergency calls. We encourage campers to leave their phones at home or turn them off at camp so they can focus on having fun!

How does transportation to/from camp work?

Your youth pastor will arrange transportation from your church to the camp location. If you'd like to transport your student yourself, please talk to your youth pastor. JR-High campers leave Monday, 7/24 and return Thursday, 7/27. SR-High campers leave Monday, 7/31 and return Friday, 8/4.

Can my student bring a cellphone?

Yes, within boundaries. We want all students to enjoy camp to the fullest, so we encourage them to leave their phones at home or turned off and left in their cabins. If staff notice students on their phones for non-emergencies, they will be taken by staff and put in safe-keeping.

Will my student be able to bunk with their friends?

Yes! Once campers arrive at camp, cabins will be distributed to the different churches (boys on one side of camp, girls on the other). Friends are welcome to bunk together. The average cabin provides 4-8 beds.